James Copeland

Vintage Jimmy Album cover pic


James Copeland is an electronic musician based in Cape Town, South Africa with over a decade of experience rocking dancefloors around the world. Whether its psytrance with his Broken Toy project, cyber-metal with Super evil or electrobreaks with his Nesono project – this is a guy who isnt afraid to move into new territory.

Most recently he felt the need to move away from synthetic and cyber-sounding dance music and make some tunes focused on vintage sounds and tropical flavours. The result is the first of his projects to bear his real name. Infectious jazz-infused tones and cheeky basslines move from double time swing through to brassy, tech-house beats meeting a bit of 70s funk and balkan beats on the way. Its fun music for the drunker side of the dancefloor – the only thing serious here is the groove!

Its due to this musical hyperactivity that the James Copeland “vintage swing tech” sound has grown and evolved at such amazing speed. Kicking off with a winning remixes for the legendary Green Velvet and fellow south africans Goldfish, he`s gone on to release on Bart and Baker`s acclaimed Electroswing compilations on Wagram records as well as EPs with overseas labels What! What!, Bedroomuzik, Broken records and on Freshly Squeezed. His next label collaboration saw him teaming up with electro swing and house music legend Tavo and his 3Star Deluxe record label for the release of his take of the Jungle Book classic, “King of the swingers” and a string of other releases soon on the way.

Having already rocked local dancefloors at premier events like Rocking the Daisies, Earthdance, Sowing the Seeds and The Flamjangled Tea party, the past few years have taken him to some interesting festivals abroad like Body and Soul in Ireland, Tree of Life in Turkey, Electronic Brain in Canada as well as random gigs as far afield as India, Israel, the UK and Australia. The Copeland express might be rolling into your town soon , so look alive and stay tuned!