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In just over 4 years GoodLuck have gone from knowing very little about electronic music to recording their sophomore album outside. In the desert. Using only the sun to power their infectious beats. Off the back of a debut album that spawned a record breaking number of top10 singles in the the history of South Africa, the trio – lead by Producer Ben Peters, threw caution to the wind and strove to create a follow up record that they felt could continue in the footsteps of their incredible first attempt.

Taking their irresistible blend of electronica, jazz and pop and creating a sound that is thoroughly their own, the band packed up their state of the art Cape Town studio and headed into the Namibian desert to record their second album – CREATURES OF THE NIGHT.

A feat so ambitious that they were asked to present a master class at the acclaimed Amsterdam Dance Event discussing their recording and production process on how they adapted unique and abstract environmental sounds into a commercially successful album. This included their recording and sampling of Zebras and the ocean and an incredible use of the Fish River Canyon to create the “most expensive delay in the world”. The band have crafted a record that not only shows their innate ability to think outside of the box – in this case quite literally, but also to write beautiful, relevant music that their fans can’t get enough of.

As always, thinking of their fans, the band chose to create a documentary of this adventure, embedding 7 camera crew to capture every achievement and failure of this extraordinary endeavor. The 90 minute film, This Might Sound Crazy premiered in Amsterdam to rave reviews and is included as a bonus disc with the Creatures of the Night album.

Their list of achievements and conquests reads like an artists wish list, 9 top 10 radio singles, 5 Number 1 hits, 5 SAMA [South African Music Award] award nominations, a top 10 iTunes Netherlands hit with ‘Taking it Easy’ and over 500 performances around the world. Yet, as their fans know – the artists who make up GoodLuck – Juliet Harding (lyricist and vocalist), Raiven Hansmann (keys and sax) and Ben Peters (producer and sampling), are too down to earth to let the enormity of their success change who they are. As they put it – “we are the nerds of the music industry!”, living out the adventure of their lives it seems hard pressed that such a monica should be fitting to describe this phenomenal band, but their humility and approachability makes it surprisingly apt.

Now Ben, Jules and Raiven are set to take things a step further by challenging audiences from around the world to take interest in a modern sound that is being hailed as truly African with the ability to cross over internationally. Never ones to follow the norm, GoodLuck are set to continue trailblazing around the world one high octane performance at a time!

Music Videos

2011 Taking it Easy –

2012 Hop on Hop off –

2012 London Sixteen 66 –

2012 Stars in my Eyes –

2013 Harlem –

2013 Electro Thing –

2013 Disco Sun –

2013 The Vision –

2014 Trickery –

2014 Figure of 8 –

THIS MIGHT SOUND CRAZY [12 min version] -

THIS MIGHT SOUND CRAZY [24 min version] -